Blogger stays in prison, defying grand jury order

What is a Journalist

by Demian Bulwa, Chronicle Staff Writer Blogger and anarchist Josh Wolf, spending his 57th day in federal prison today for refusing to surrender video he shot of a violent San Francisco protest, is well on his way to becoming the longest-jailed journalist in U.S. history. To the government, the 24-year-old San Franciscan is hindering a federal grand jury investigation into serious crimes -- an attack on a police officer who suffered a fractured skull during the July 2005 rally and the attempted burning of his patrol car. read more...


bloggin from a widget

Mac 10.4 users: I'm sending this directly from a widget. Seemed a little silly (and lazy) at first, and it is really. It's got that feeling of typiing on the go whereas regular blogging is like a formalized process of clicking a bookmark, signing in, etc...sigh


According to the BBC, the king of Lilliput has sanctioned a fence along Lilliput's southern beach. There is only one way to put out the fires in Washington...zip!