I only have 20 mins left today, but at least I’m getting something up. This blog was supposed be regular, however after last month’s madness I haven’t has the energy.. I’m hard at work finishing off the Architectural Body review. Not having written an essay in 5 years, it has proven to be a challenge. Of course, there was an abrupt learning curve involved too. It wasn’t until midway through that I bothered looking at autopoiesis.. only to find that it is more influential than I had imagined. Well, it’s going to be at lest a 4,000 worder, not including notes. I wonder where I can actually publish this? After all this work, I may have to settle for a posting on the North American Center for Interdisciplinary Poetics (http://www.poetics.yorku.ca/)where it will have to compete with Karen Mac Cormack’s piece on the same topic. Though I think mine is more carefully considered!, There is a lot of thinking through that needs to be done on architectural bodies, procedural poetics, etc. A fully embodied mind is totally revolutionary and needs to be brought into discourses as wide as political theory, sociology, and well, science from whence it comes. So much of human thought works on binaries and the shades therein. This theory precludes binarism in a linear sense. Once I’ve finished this review I want to go back to work thinking it through with my own practice.. yes, my real writing has suffered over the last 6 weeks..

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