I’m hoping one day to be obnoxious. By the laws of probability, moving to America will increase my chances. Moving to America and watching the flickering TV through endless mindless episodes of pop culture gunk. Moving to America watching pop culture gunk and eating endless calories of weight watchers chips, weight watchers ice cream, weight watchers beer (as if the American isn’t light enough). There is something sinister about weight watchers, something tautological about being in America and being a weight watcher; I can’t put my finger on it. Moving to America: the obnoxious landscape of made in Taiwan vs, Made in the USA. What is not pop in the USA aspires to be. What is pop everywhere else, aspires not to be. Think chewing gum and roller skates. Think “Roller Girl”, think ‘Tank”. GOP smacks of SMACK, of gob and liberal; (put your right hand on your heart) the color white and blue, or white and red, or red and blue, or white and white, blue on blue is still two. Two will be enough for me and not much you. It’s all based on equations. Wind on a windy day blows me to the end of it somewhere near the beginning. By the end of it it’s war time. Miller the terrorists. What I say is true in a pretzely kind of way. I know I’m not obnoxious END OF LUNCH

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