Four Factorial is now available! Featuring Speed Round + Translations from Contemporary Japanese Poetry! Purchase your copy in St. Marks Bookstore, NYC, or by sending an e-mail to subscriptions eat factorial dots org (hope these anti-spam measures work) that includes your name, address, order info. * $10 (including shipping) or Order both Three and Four Factorial together for $16 with free shipping ***************************************** Japanese poets featured in this issue: Kasuya Eiichi | Fujiwara Akiko | Nishimoto Naoko | Abe Hinako | Yoshioka Minoru | Hirata Toshiko | Ogasawara Chorui ...many of whose work you may not be familiar with. All the more reason to grab a copy now! Translators: D.W. Wright | Malinda Markham | Sawako Nakayasu | Jeffrey Angles | Eric Selland *** Speed Round winners: Jill Darling | Conan Kelly & Jen Tynes | Stacy Szymaszek & Brenda Iijima | Dante Alighieri (trans. Susan Landers) | Robert Quillen Camp | Sally Oswald | Dana Ward *** Other contributors: Jennifer Lowe & Tim Ramick | George Kalamaras ***************************************** For information on past issues, visit Factorial online: http://www.factorial.org/journal.htm


adrienne said...

heya ben,

can you lemme know when the factorial website is back up? guess you outgrew your bandwidth!


ben said...

Well, I hope this is because we were so popular with the new issue out etc. and not a dos attack. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it!