Ummm... Just before the Iraq War there were mass protests on every continent - remember? On US and UK news programs there were (former) generals, military analysts, and 'experts' of various shades warning, for the most part, that it was unlikely that Saddam Hussein had been developing WMD's, that 'liberation' was likely to bring out sectarian conflict, that Iraq would become an Al Qaida battle ground/ training ground etc. - remember? Now because what these 'experts' said bolstered the anti-war movements arguments, they were generally taken on as further proof that war was not a good option. Of course, in the US, this amounted to treason according to fox 'news.' (hehe). So, three and a bit years later: WMD's - bad intelligence (even though how many million people were saying something else?) Al Qaida in Iraq and now: US echoes Iraq civil war warning.

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