Crappy week. spent 3/4 working on a website and the other 1/4 stranded on the i80 near davenport, recovering, and writing a paper in which I mention Jesus several times. The pluses: My flash and illustrator skills are now efficient. there is no question now about selling the car.. got to write this little talk on dada and surrealism. i finally got to eat lots of ikura (no shirasu tho.. and no yuke). The minuses: Haven't been able to talk to friends (you know who you are). religion bores me more than golf, no matter what the context. expenses on car repair are now higher than 3rd party insurance would have been. i got a ride in a cop car and was grateful.

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adrienne said...

I'm sorry about your car repair, Ben. I'm even sorrier that you had to write about Jesus. Jesus!