Long story short: I found a great deal on webhosting ($10 for a year + domain + tons of disk space), thus jikkenkobo was born. Jikkenkobo (koubou) was a multidisciplinary group of artists founded by Toru Takemitsu and Joji Yuasa. From what I've discovered about them (they are seldom mentioned in any art history written in English, probably because they don't fit the mold of 'imitate and refine' Japanese) they were a fairly domesticated lot, very unlike their cousins several years later in fluxus. That shouldn't be discouraging though! The name as I use it stems from about 2002. When I attempted to bring together a disparate group of artists in Tokyo, a very close friend suggested naming the group jikkenkobo as homage to the original group and its spirit. The name stuck even though the group fizzled after 2 or 3 meetings.

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