I’m feeling a little stuck today. Yesterdays post was admittedly on the senseless side, really in an attempt for me to test out my ideas. A public space is a wonderful place from which I can evaluate myself. One of my concerns being reflected is my recent preoccupation with the body/ organism and space as producers or co-producers of meaning. There is an underlying desire to fully reject Dualism in all it’s guises, from the obvious statement of the cogito to less obvious as embedded in Benjamin Lee Wharf’s theories of language (i.e. we read the world through language or the world is constructed through language). This latter guise of dualism, that places language outside of the body, is equally as false as Descartes. Why? Quite simply because I assert that all sensation, which is inseparable from the world some wish to place outside of themselves, equates to a process that contributes to thought.. language is dependent on it, and it is dependent on language. Language doesn’t just produce meaning, but is itself a process of being (including body) in the world. Thus the poetry I am trying to envision, is a poetry that in some way involves itself in creating the awareness of this process..That said, my own impulse wants to contradict me. The other concern, I’ll mention briefly is the concern that poetry, and other arts have somehow ceased in dialogue. Rather they have developed a mutual respect as independent of each other, not interdependent on each other..

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