Welcome to my second attempt at blogging. There are a few things you should know first about this blog's production, and second, about me. This blog will be written, for the most part, during my lunch break at work, which means that it is unlikely I'll be doing any posting on weekends or Japanese national holidays. It also means that this blog will probably be more whimsical than others (yes, it must be possible). I'm using this blog as a test site for ideas, so I welcome comments, criticism, etc. As for me, the only thing I'd like to point out is that I'm currently living in Japan, partly out of choice (that is, I chose to come here), partly due to absurd immigration laws that are currently preventing my family from entering the United States. Since I came to Japan with the intention of staying a year and have now been here four, I don't have full access to my library. I have a mere 4 small, 3 shelf bookshelves full of books. Verifying references and claims is currently very difficult. What I'm saying is, bear with me. If I get it wrong, let me know!

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