so I lived outside of the US for seventeen years. from afar, it looked like an intolerant fascistic state, but friends insisted that was the view from the outside. “once you go back, you’ll see that the foreign media doesn’t understand the relationship between us domestic and foreign policy..” etc. i signed petitions against helms-burton (organized by the communist party of great britain), protested several wars, etc. anyway, despite assurances it wasn’t that bad. i was the american. i did detention for being american. i was bullied because i was american. i lost grades for being the american. even though the connection between me and american was ... questionable ... semaphoric me didn’t mind so much this imaginary american occasionally causing some trouble. as a teenager, i was hardly a superpower. so america is not such an intolerant fascistic state, it’s just that it hosts two fascistic intolerant political parties. host and parasite. as if there is some agency there. unconscionable that a parasite would drain the only host’s resources. so anyway it’s not. but don’t be ungodly even if it means science. {more}

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